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Money Money Everywhere But Not a Drop for Main Street - a new book by Bob Coleman and Coleman Publishing

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Money Money Everywhere but Not a Drop for Main Street

"It's a credit desert out there", says Money Money.  "Banks have lopped off $1 trillion in credit card lines of credit and another $1 trillion in HELOC's -- small businesses' main sources of credit."

The Economic Domino Effect:
"Without credit, without loans, small businesses (the creators of 67% of new jobs) can't grow.  If they can't grow - they can't hire anyone.  If unemployment and underemployment remain high, people aren't going to be spending."

"There are businesses who have made it, who have survived.  What separates the winners from the losers?"

"I wish I had read your book in 1995/96 before I launched my company. I was lucky to have a loan from the bank of Mom and Dad (FFF right), but as I needed capital in the subsequent years, your book would have given me the insight I needed to cope with the banking attitude. Thank you for the easy to understand format and the humor. I am no MBA or CPA. Your book I 'got'."



10 Things You Need to Know to Get a Small Business Loan Today

A New Book By Bob Coleman

Release Date of June 1, 2011

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Money Money Everywhere but Not a Drop for Main Street

In the aftermath of the economic meltdown of 2008, Wall Street received a $787 BILLION bailout from the federal government while Main Street received foreclosure notices from its banks and handed out pink slips to its employees. Hammered by losses, stifled by regulators and faced with the greatest financial crisis in a generation, bankers hunkered down and cut off credit to the one place that creates jobs; Main Street…America's small businesses.

Bob Coleman, the country's leading expert on small business lending, spent a year talking to bankers and Main Street business owners about what happened to small-business lending and how to get capital flowing to Main Street again. His book captivatingly summarizes the change in thinking of both bankers and the survivors who continue to operate on Main Street. After reading Money Money Everywhere, you will understand the new "bank think" and the ten things you need to know to get a small business loan today.

Bob Coleman is a frequent guest on Fox Business News and is often quoted by a variety of financial media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNNMoney and the New York Times. He is the editor of the Coleman Report, a weekly small business lending newsletter, and the publisher of a series of small business loan underwriting guides. He has an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Bob Coleman has advised bankers about small business lending for almost 20 years, helping them finance Main Street by using his data, analysis, research and trends. Money, Money Everywhere and not a drop for Main Street offers insight of how his customers, the bankers, think in making small business loan decisions today.

Coleman uses his unique small business lending expertise to write about:
• Why Main Street is empty today
• What's happened to all the small business lenders
• How small business bankers have changed how they think about making loans
• The small business banks that are making loans
• Why the most important part of a small business loan is evaluating the borrower's character
• Why bankers no longer think past profitability can be used to make future loan payments
• What you must know about the Holy Grail of banking -- the 5 C's
• The difference between getting a franchise loan and a mom and pop loan
• Why Wal-Mart is the number one killer of Main Street
• The impending commercial real estate bubble
• Where to get your first small business loan; friends, family and fools.

Coleman offers his ten things you need to know to get a small business loan today;
1) The importance of your global cash flow analysis
2) Educating the banker about your five most important off balance-sheet benchmarks
3) Why character is the first "C"
4) Preparing the collateral list
5) Why it is critical to embrace the cloud for your business applications
6) The importance of life insurance
7) Why you should research your credit score before you apply for the loan
8) If you are wrong, and your small business fails, what is your plan "B" to pay back the loan
9) How to conduct the company tour
10) Why you must prove you sell stuff that you can't get at Wal-Mart or on

To Be Released June 1, 2011

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Money Money Everywhere but Not a Drop for Main Street

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